Frequent activities and open discussions help us better understand the demographic make-up of our associates and the unique life experiences they bring to the organization.

The Home Depot of Canada
has four associate
resource groups.

These groups showcase the Company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and are focused on driving associate engagement through: Professional development, networking, education and awareness, and community outreach.

  • Orange Ability
  • Orange Women's Network
  • Orange Pride
  • Orange Mosaic

We pride ourselves on integrating all cultures into the orange community.

Orange Ability

Orange Ability’s mission is to foster an inclusive environment at The Home Depot where people of all different abilities are able to achieve success and reach their full potential.

Orange Pride

Orange Pride has a mission to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) associates and allies by creating an inclusive environment built on the foundation of acceptance, community and understanding.

Orange Mosaic

Orange Mosaic has a mission to act as a resource for The Home Depot and our associates by encouraging intercultural understanding through celebration, education, and providing culturally specific insight to drive business growth.

Orange Women’s Network

Orange Women’s Network’s mission is to promote professional growth for women at Home Depot through networking, development activities and community outreach.

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